Tunisia | France | USA
13 min
HD video, Stereo, color

For over 700 years, thousands of Jews lived in El Hara of Tunis. Albert Memmi grew up here. As a Tunisian Jew, he struggled to find his place between the European colonizers and the Muslim colonized. Since then, the neighborhood’s Jewish residents have moved on, but Memmi's memories still dwell here. EL HARA visually drifts through this neighborhood 75 years after his departure, weaving together his lucid reflections on the residual effects of colonialism, domination, and emigration.

Directed by Marguax Fitoussi, Mo Scarpelli
Produced by Margaux Fitoussi
Cinematography by Mo Scarpelli
Edited by Iva Radivojevik, Mo Scarpelli

Produced by Rake Films 


+ New York Jewish Film Festival at Film Society at Lincoln Center
+ Dar ben achour bibliothèque de la Medina de Tunis 
+ Musée d'art et d'histoire du Judaïsme, Paris
+ Harvard University Center for Middle Eastern Studies
+ Université de la Manouba, Tunis
+ Toronto Jewish Film Festival
+ Washington DC Jewish Film Festival 
+ Alexandria Mediterranean Film Festival 
+ Atlanta Film Festival
+ San Diego Jewish Film Festival 
+ Citizen Jane Film Festival 
+ MountainFilm Telluride Film Festival 
+ Woods Hole Film Festival 
+ Port Townsend Film Festival
+ Santa Cruz Jewish Film Festival 
+ The Screening Room at Society for Cultural Anthropology

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