6 min
HD video, stereo, color

Camera & Direction & Editing by Mo Scarpelli
Additional camera by Ora Dekornfeld
Translation & Field Producing by Misgan Assefa Lulie


No vision of lush, far-off countries.
No feeling of brown, vivid women
dancing slowly out of falling garments.
No wild, unheard-of melodies.
No songs that issued from the blood,
no blood that screamed out of the depths.
No brown girls who stretched
velvetlike in tropical exhaustion;
no eyes that blazed like weapons
and the broad mouth shaped for laughter.
And a bizarre accomodation
with the light-skinned humans' vanity.
And it made me shudder seeing that.
O how much truer are the animals
pacing up and down in their steel cages,
unrelated to the antics of these new strange
beings, which they do not understand;
and they burn out softly like
a silent fire and subside into themselves,
indifferent to the new adventure
and alone with their untouchable blood.

– THE ASHANTI (Jardin d'Acclimatation)
by Ranier Maria Rilke


GOOD KID is a contemplation on captivity.
The anbessa (lion) is the premiere symbol of strength and dependability in Ethiopia.
Since 2015, tens of thousands of people — many young men — have been jailed due to protests against land seizures by the government. What does it mean to imprison the strongest of a society ?

The roars of a beast behind bars is vaguely still heard across Addis Ababa's rapidly modernizing landscape.
Where is the anbessa now ?

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